Important advice traveling with partner

Talk about this before you go, otherwise you ll end up in a ditch when you slam on brakes in the pouring rain and shout,  Do you want to drive?  If she s driving don t say a word. And if you know she took a wrong turn, never admit later that you knew the right road to take all along.

Stick to this rule and there s a good chance you ll have a happy holiday and perhaps an entire life. The words  shouldn t you have turned left there?  have been the death knell of too many relationships.

Find out if she snores. It s seldom that a couple goes on holiday without first getting to know each other well, but it happens. You may have shared a bed, but do you know each other s bathroom? Does she know it takes you half an hour to do your hair? Has she done her morning yoga routine in front of you? Are you familiar with other s most irritating habits?

A first holiday can bring nasty surprises, if you discover on your fist night away that she grinds her teeth, it could ruin your trip. Alternatively you could be prepared for some irritation, and decide beforehand that, unless it s a non-negotiable violation of every value you hold dear, you will allow certain annoyances to wash over you.

Say you know each other quite well already and have learnt tolerate each other s curious habits. You could still find that being on holiday with her drives you nuts (or vice versa) because she thinks that being away means she doesn t have to be considerate of your needs as would be when you re both at home.

Being on holiday does mean you can relax, but it doesn t mean turning into a complete slob. If she doesn t clean up after you at home, don t expect her to do it when you re away. And if she thinks being on holiday gives her licence to use your razor on her legs, explain (gently) that it doesn t.

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